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The calculation of a business plan can be done independently or with the help of specialists working in consulting agencies or firms that carry out student work to order. Consulting agencies will help a novice entrepreneur to attract future investors, to determine the viability of a business idea. A student business plan is much simpler, so you can easily complete it yourself. Buy if you don't want to do it alone, i want you to recommend service named Editius. Want to know more about Editius? Text me in PM and i will give you all details.

Business plan: structure and content

A business plan consists of such parts as:

  • Confidentiality statement, that is, that information cannot be copied or used without the knowledge of the author. Rarely seen in student papers;
  • A resume describing the idea and method of project implementation. The necessary expenses by item, income are indicated, the need for credit funds is analyzed. Here you can briefly indicate the economic feasibility of implementing a business plan;
  • The purpose of the project, which describes the characteristics of a product or service, their difference from competitors' products;
  • Analysis of the market, consumers, competitors. It is advisable to carry out segmentation, draw up a competitive map, consider development strategies;
  • Description of goods with an emphasis on the features of operation, certification, a package of documents necessary for the issuance and sale of documents.
  • The marketing plan is drawn up taking into account the 4P marketing mix with an emphasis on methods of promotion, pricing, advertising and sales. Marketing mix is a hard thing even for marketing degree students, i want to recommend services to order marketing plan from them.
  • Production of products with a step-by-step description of the process, indicating the number of necessary workers, resources, equipment and their suppliers.
  • Organizational plan with a schedule for the implementation of the idea, indicating the responsible persons at each stage, the necessary documentation and costs. It is compiled for the entire time of production and sale of products.
  • Financial planning is based on the calculation of indicators of the investment feasibility of the project, the projected values of income, expenses, profit. Calculating a business plan yourself involves determining the payback point, internal rate of return, payback period, and others.
  • Description of risks with an indication of the way of their influence, methods of its minimization.
  • Appendices, consisting of documents that allow you to more fully judge the prospects of an idea.

Business plan: calculating indicators yourself

Any textbook on investment management will tell you how to calculate a business plan yourself using indicators such as:

  1. Monthly, annual and total costs and income, the amount of net profit, taxes accrued.
  2. The quantity and price of products that must be sold in order for the income to cover the costs.
  3. A simple rate of return, which is the ratio of the projected profit to the cost of implementation.
  4. Payback period, which is the ratio of investment costs to the net cash flow generated during the implementation. The term can be either a month or a decade.
  5. Net present value is the amount of payments present today and adjusted for the percentage of inflation. Self-calculation is carried out on the basis of the average deposit rate in the banks of the country.
  6. Based on the net discounted flow, it is possible to calculate the profitability index, expressed as the ratio of discounted income to the sum of all investments.

When determining the internal rate of return independently, one looks for such an interest rate at which the sum of the net present value is equal to zero. You can look for business plan examples via this link.

A business plan analyzes not only a simple payback period, but also a discounted one. In this case, the time value of money is taken into account.

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