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Relevance   is the significance of experiments, objects, skills in a certain period of time. When writing a dissertation, it is necessary to timely check the proposed problem solving hypotheses for relevance by the industry chosen for research.

What is the relevance of the dissertation topic

The relevance of the work directly depends on the choice of topic for scientific work. Correct justification of the importance of research guarantees successful defense, even best students can fail it, if they not using an service providing an opportunity for further application in practice. It is voiced by the applicant in oral and written form.

Requirements for disclosing the relevance of scientific work

The following points we gathered from authors of service will help to simplify the reasoning of significance.

  • A brief description of the reasons for research in the selected industry
  • Argumentation for the choice of the topic of scientific work based on the analysis of previous experiments and theoretical knowledge

Four steps to successful protection

  • The ongoing research is necessary to solve theoretical and practical problems in the studied industry.
  • The chosen topic of scientific work comes into contact with experiments "at a given point in time" carried out in universities or scientific organizations.
  • The topic of the dissertation consists of a list of popular topics researched at the national and international level.
  • Modernization and improvement of one of the historical themes, their adaptation to modern conditions

Parameters for determining the relevance of dissertations

Each type of dissertation (master's, candidate's, doctoral) has its own rules for determining the significance of research. You may find other recommendations at service blog.


The relevance and prospects of the master's program depends on the current problems of the chosen industry, therefore, it is aimed at finding optimal solutions and scientific ideas. The research carried out should be based on the results of previous research work.


The main objective of the Ph.D. thesis is a bias towards our own developments and the novelty of solutions that do not contradict the existing discoveries. All experiments and their results are supported by the applicant in practice. The correct choice of the topic, its relevance contribute to the elimination of most of the problems of the research area under study.


Before choosing a topic for a doctoral dissertation, it is recommended that you study the work of renowned scientists in the industry. Lack of information on a number of issues is an opportunity for the applicant to prove himself. Student can edn up with ph.d papers if he is failing writing it by himself. When compiling a doctoral dissertation , its main goals and objectives are determined. The recommended number of tasks for the applicant is 7-9. The optimal number of provisions for the defense of such a thesis is 5-8.

What to write about or how to choose a topic for a scientific article?

Relevance and conclusions are the key to success

What is dissertation plan?

How to schedule a dissertation writing plan

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